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Dust collector
Remote operation, convenient, more energy saving and environmental protection

☑ Fuselage integrated industrial design, simple appearance, steady and elegant, metal frame structure, high quality cold rolled steel electrostatic spraying process, durable.

☑ Stable operation, low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long working time, no regular maintenance, lower cost.

☑ The wind wheel adopts eddy current backward design, special alloy material, effectively prevent the wind wheel from being corroded, unique dynamic balance correction technology, make the wind wheel run more stable and reliable.

☑ Modular design, can be timed automatic back blowing dust, longer service life of the filter element, the replacement cost is lower.

☑ Adopt multiple filter design. Layer by layer filtration, to ensure that the harmful dust is filtered more thoroughly, the purification rate of up to 99.9%

☑ Support EtherCAT bus protocol, energy saving frequency control.






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