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F series fiber laser cutting machine
With high efficiency, intelligence, safety and other attributes, fully meet the large area, high power, thick plate cutting customer demand for high quality, high efficiency, large output.
大族激光:  中国—深圳

G12025F fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry double drive structure form, the whole bed is formed by carbon steel welding and annealing treatment, the beam is formed by aluminum alloy high pressure casting and heat treatment, both of which are processed by rough processing, vibration aging treatment and finishing processing and other processes, achieving high tolerance accuracy of shape and position; Transmission is equipped with German high rigidity precision reducer, European imported grinding rack and pinion, high precision linear guide and other efficient transmission mechanism, good rigidity, high precision, to ensure long-term stable operation of equipment; Through Han's SMC bus CNC system set independently researched and developed by Dahan Laser, a precision CNC fiber laser cutting machine is formed including laser cutting, precision machinery, CNC technology and other disciplines in one.

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