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Thermoforming three dimensional five axis laser cutting machine
This series of products is specially tailored for laser cutting of thermal forming parts in automobile industry, with stable equipment performance and one-time molding.
Following Germany, Japan and Italy, China is the fourth country to fully master the 3d five-axis laser processing technology independently. After more than ten years of upgrading and iteration, Han's laser THREE-DIMENSIONAL five-axis laser cutting machine has been constantly breaking through technical barriers with mature application to meet the needs of high efficiency and high precision of the market. Photoelectric conversion efficiency is up to 35%-40% in the industry, free of light path maintenance, no gas consumption, low operating cost of equipment. Adopt SIEMENS 840D NUMERICAL control system, high performance power drive, with high precision imported transmission parts, machine positioning accuracy ±0.04mm. The bed adopts integral welding, beam, slide seat, slide pillow and other key structural parts through CAE dynamic analysis, high strength, good dynamic rigidity.
Double station, can be rotated for exchange, high efficiency operation. Rotation ≤2.5s, positioning accuracy ≤±15 ", repeated positioning accuracy ≤±10 ". Fully enclosed machine cover, double grating protection, protective door with chain protection, video monitoring machine, to ensure man-machine safety.
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