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T series fiber laser pipe cutting machine
The high dynamic performance of the equipment drives the laser cutting speed into full play, repeatedly breaks the thickness limit of the plate, and improves the processing efficiency to a new realm.
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The pipe cutting machine is an international standard medium and low power CNC professional laser pipe cutting machine developed by Han's Laser Smart Equipment Group Co.,Ltd. 

T6022D series laser tube cutting machine, with international advanced technology of large group fiber laser, equipped with high precision rack and pinion, high precision linear guide and other efficient transmission mechanism, through the advanced intelligent control HAN's series CNC system, the collection of precision CNC automatic laser tube cutting machine, Is the collection laser cutting, precision machinery, numerical control technology and other disciplines in the integration of high-tech products, mainly used for carbon steel pipe, stainless steel, aluminum alloy tube, square tube, round tube, waist round tube) of metal pipe cutting, has a professional, high speed, high precision, high efficiency, high cost performance, etc, is the first selection of metal pipe processing industry cutting machine.


Application Industries: fitness equipment, sports goods, oil pipelines, construction machinery, bus manufacturing, locomotive manufacturing, agricultural and forestry machinery, special vehicles, household appliances manufacturing, laser external processing services and other machinery manufacturing pipe processing industry.


Suitable material: professional for cutting a variety of metal pipe.

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