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Hugong, as the largest welding and cutting manufacturer in China, founded over 63 years of experience in welding and cutting. Publicly listed on main board of Shanghai Exchanging stock, it becomes to be the biggest market value company in its filed. Hugong master the core technology and Hugong delivers its proven, reliable and innovative products globally via 110 countries. Hugong is the No.1 in China since 2013 till now. As largest welding and cutting manufacturer, Hugong offers high quality equipment that services the complete spectrum of welding and cutting needs from DIY to heavy industrial use. It includes 18 series and 2037 SKUs. With Hugong fully comprehensive range of products and strength in digital inverter technology and automation systems, their solutions are widely used in a variety of industries including-automation, offshore, power stations, shipbuilding, the military pipeline, steel construction, bridge building, pressure vessel production, and general industrial fabrication. Hugong strives to provides its global consumers with advanced, high quality and competitive "Total welding and cutting solutions".
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