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Auto Darkening Welding Helmet AS-5000F Series
Lightweight, modern and fashion design with high impact resistance material .Ergonomic structure increases balance and comforts Outer protection lens PL-5004 118x97x1mm Fit for standard ADF dimension:110x90(4.33'x3.54')
Model XA-1122E
Filter dimension  110*90mm(4.33"x3.54")
View size  100*60mm (3.93" x 2.63")
CE Classification  1/1/1/2
Sensors  4
Light state Shade 4
Dark state Variable shade 9-13
Shade control  External
Switching time 0.08ms
Sensitivity control  Adjustable(internal)
 Delay time control  Adjustable 0.1-0.9S 
Grinding function Yes; External
Low battery warning indicator  Yes
Operation temperature -10℃- 65℃(14℉-149℉)
Storing temperature -20℃- 85℃(-4℉-185℉)
Power supply  Solar cell, replaceable battery(CR2450*1PCS)
Inner protection lens PL-5001
Minimum TIG welding current >3A
Maximum TIG welding current 350A
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