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Powered Air Purifying Respirators -SparX-Air
Main technical characteristics    
Airflow velocity 170L/MIN,200L/MIN,230L/MIN  
System  Automatic detecting and controling system provides constantly stable clean air  
Switch 3 levels of aiflow control
On/off switch
Automatic shutting down if unused for 30 mins
Liquid crystal
Airflow leval and data
Battery life
Filter loading status
Warning  Low battery
 Jammed filter
Airflow jammed causing low airflow
High battery temperature
Working noise  Max.73dB  
High filter efficiency  99.996%@0.3um  
Filtration level  TH2 PRSL  
Size  240X165X70mm(LxWxT)  
Weight  Complete unit 1370g
No batteries 1020g
operating time
Standard battery  
Level 1:>10h
Level 2:>8h
Level 3:>6h
Heavy duty battery(Optional)
Level 1:>15h
Level 2:>12h
Level 3:>10h
Battery  LI-ION 12v 4400mAh/    
Charging time  3.5h/5h  
Charging frequency  ≥500  
Operating temperature ‘-5°C~+55℃  
Certificates CE EN 12941.1998+A2:2008  
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